If you don't know EXACTLY what you need to do to successfully homeschool your teen, then how are you going to do it right?

Discover the tools you need to help your teen succeed in high school and beyond. Be sure you are doing enough.

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Discover How to Homeschool Your Teen with Confidence!

Do you ever wonder if....

-you are doing enough or doing it right?

-you are giving them all the classes they will need to be ready to graduate?

-they will be ready for college?

-you have what it takes to do it right?

When you complete Confidently Homeschooling Teens Masterclass Series, you'll experience peace & confidence that you’re offering the best education possible, as you raise your teen to be a leader who impacts and influences those around them.

Confidently Homeschooling Teens will give you the tools you need to know what to expect duirng the four years and help you be prepared.

Go from feeling scattered, overwhelmed and worried about doing enough or the wrong activities in your homeschool TO feeling focused and intentional with your teens’ education.

Who is this course for?

Parents with teens in middle school.

Parents of teens in high school.

Parents who are committed to spend the time and energy to gather the tools and resources and learn what is needed to help your teen graduate on time, maybe early, and be prepared to face the world and follow their dreams.

..... But you're unsure if you're doing it right or doing enough.

By the end of this course you will be able to

-Be confident that you are enough! 

-Realize how easy it is to do it all when you have a plan!

-Have all the graduation course requirements planned out.

-Learn how to create tailor-made classes that your teen will love and motivate them to learn.

- Know how to guide your teen through the important steps each year so they will be prepared for college.

-Discover ways to grading your teens work in a way that will help them learn

-Create a transcript with ease.

-Choose the best entrance exams that your teen needs to take and not only how do to help them study but get scores that will earn them scholarships!

and much more.

Homeschooling is not new to me, but homeschooling a High Schooler is. It is one thing to have a younger child in Elementary or even Middle School, and another to have a High School student worried about seeking an accredited diploma and graduation or not. I was very concerned as my oldest son who is now in High School, is quite advanced in some areas. I didn’t want to do him a disservice by not having him have accreditation from a state establishment. 

When I approached Michelle with my concerns, she immediately put my fears to rest. There was so much information out that is conflicting and confusing, but Michelle has put together an entire booklet on how to homeschool your high schooler. It has so much information, including course suggestions and how to make a transcript that will help highlight your student’s abilities without sacrificing your curriculum. 

Michelle was very helpful giving me the direction I needed to find the answers I was looking for. I value her expertise.

Jami Lyn N. (homeschool mom)

I'm in my second full year of homeschooling and I still feel so clueless, especially when it comes to the high school years. 

I can't stop thinking about the wonderful coaching session I had with Michelle Osborn last Friday. If you have been debating on whether or not you should do a coaching session with her, stop thinking about it and do it! Message her today!

She sat down with me and asked about each of my kids and once she got a good idea of my situation she helped with each one! All of my kids are so different and I was so delighted and grateful for all her experience and knowledge. She truly has a lot to offer those experienced or new to homeschool, with young kids or older or even both. Even though I only met her a couple of months ago, talking with her felt like we were old friends! 

Thank you so much for all your help and knowledge Michelle, I have a completely new outlook for my kids and our bright future in homeschool together!

Natlie L. (homeschool mom)

What's Included in Confidently Homeschooling Teens Successful Masterclass Series?

5 Implementation Modules ($147 value) show you literally everything you need from grading to transcripts, to concurrent enrollment, so you move from a scattered, overwhelmed & worried mom to a fully confident homeschooler with all the tools you need to homeschool your teen.

Videos, Training Slides & PDF Printables to keep you focused and on-task. Each of the 5 modules includes short video lessons and your PDF workbook. Videos & PDF printables will be downloadable, so you follow along, take notes and keep them for a lifetime.

Exclusive Facebook group for Members ($60 value) to ask Michelle and other students questions you may have. Keep each other accountable and encouraged.

Lifetime Access to Your CHT Members Area ($25 value)
The Homeschooling Teens course allows you to come back over and over again. Use what you need now. Come back for more later.

You'll be given access to one module per week - so that you have ample time to dive into the lessons and execute your homeschooling plan before moving on to the next week. We do this to protect your time, attention and focus while sparing you from being overwhelmed, which can happen with other homeschooling courses.

Course value $232

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Make Your Teen's Four Year Course Plan and

Courses and Credits Explained

Discover why it is important to plan ahead as well as how credits are calculated and what you can and cannot count as a course. You will get step by step help on how to plan out your teen's 4 year course. We will do this together to make sure it gets done!


Finding Your Teens Passion and Creating a Love for Learning

Each child is made uniquley by God on purpose and for a purpose. Learn how to help them find their passions and turn them into courses they will love.


Grades and Transcripts

Tips for grading your teen's work and creating a transcript.

What others are saying about this course

I am so thankful for this (course)- it took so much of the homeschooling HS anxiety away. Thanks so much for all of your help . experience and wisdom, Michelle.

Natalie T. (course participant)

Thanks, Michelle! I greatly appreciate all the help you’ve been over the past few months. You have truly been the Lord’s provision to help me have what I need in the midst of all the curves life has thrown us! 

Becky R. (course participant)

Through the years, I have been a beneficiary of her talent, whether is was in person or via social media.... I reached out to her for guidance regarding high school education. I had just moved back from living out of state for a couple of years and learned that there were several differences in the requirements of each state. I also had difficulty in deciding what curriculum to purchase next for my growing, changing boys. She was a TREMENDOUS help in alleviating much of my confusion and clarified for me in plain, understandable language what things I needed to know now. She was encouraging in a way that communicated to me that I know my children best, while imparting much needed wisdom....

Rosa F. (recipient of one on one coaching)

But . . . let's sweeten the pot with some Bonus Gifts

Bonus Gift #1
Two Weekly Group Coaching Sessions and one private 1/2 hour coaching session with Michelle where you will receive encouragement and get your burning questions answered in a timely manner so you can move forward. (Value $130)

Bonus Gift #2

Homeschooling Teens Successfully eBook (value $29.95)

Homeschooling Teens Successfully workbook (value $9.95)

You'll get

-Four-Year Guide to Preparing Your Teen for College Quick Reference Guide

-Concurrent Enrollment and Your High School Student

-High School Checklist and Course Requirements

-Homeschool Grading Tips

-Transcript Solutions

-College Entrance Exams Explained

(Total value bonus gift #2 $39.90)

Bonus Gift #3

Strengthening Executive Function Skills-Bonus workshop
(value $50)

Bonus workshop, Dr. Carol Brown

cognitive-developmental therapist, Doctor of Education (Ed.D), and founder of Equipping Minds with Cognitive Development

Bonus Gift #4
Top Ten Secrets to Beat Standardized Test 
(value $25)

Bonus workshop with expert Jean Burk of College Prep Genius

Bonus gift #5
LIFETIME Access to Confidently Homeschooling Teens Masterclass Series (Priceless)

When I interviewed past students of our Masterclass series, the one thing they kept saying over and over again is how they enjoyed the ability to go back and rewatch a module that they needed to review and the ability to watch the modules they missed during the course at their own time schedule.

When a new, updated version of Confidently Homeschooling Teens is available, current students have the option to invest in the updates at a highly discounted tuition.

Confidently Homeschool Teens Masterclass Series (CHTMS)

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100% Risk Free

Your success in using this powerful approach to confidently homeschooling your teen is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-it-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Confidently Homeschooling Teens, is a step-by-step process for the homeschool moms to go from feeling scattered, overwhelmed & worried to being confident, focused and intentional, knowing you're giving your kids the best education possible.

Now here's the kicker

By the end of these 14 days, you will have received access to the information and resources in modules 1 and 2.

Meaning, you'll have the opportunity to begin your own homeschool plan for success before making a final commitment.

If you don't feel confident or motivated to implement what you are learning in the Confidnetly Homeschooling Teens Course simply send off a quick email, show us you've put in the work, (We will ask for worksheet and work requested for each module) and we'll refund your investment.

That means you can’t lose ... no matter what!

Michelle Osborn is the CEO and founder of Yellow House Book Rental and Homeschooling Teens Successfully, specializing in providing homeschool curriculum for rent or purchase, as well as counseling and guidance for homeschool families. She is a wife of 32years, a 22-year homeschool veteran, and mom of four amazing children and five adorable grandchildren. Three of her children are now entrepreneurs, running their own businesses and doing quite well. Michelle’s passions include serving by leading worship at her church and encouraging homeschool moms through one on one, social media and speaking engagements. She has found her niche in helping parents homeschooling their teens through the high school years and on to pursue their dreams.