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Parents who are homeschooling teens and want to learn how to do it better,


Teens who want to begin building a strong foundation for their future.

Each day will be packed with amazing speakers who are ready to help you create a purpose filled homeschool experience and help you navigate the the teen years well.

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Host and Leading Sponsor

Yellow House Book Rental, specializes in providing homeschool curriculum for rent or purchase, as well as offers coaching and guidance for homeschool families. Homeschooling Teens Successfully is also supported by Yellow House Book Rental where you will find resources and support in homeschooling your teen

Blue Manor Academy

The only of its kind, Blue Manor is an affordable, online prep school for homeschoolers. What sets elite prep schools apart from other schools is their philosophy of educating children wholly. Prep schools train a child’s mind, body, and spirit. Blue Manor takes this even further by also teaching children: purpose, mastery, character, etiquette, social networking, Christian faith, family, tradition, leadership, wealth, essential information, stories that matter, and real heroes from history they can admire. Mastering the basics of knowledge in these areas sets a solid foundation for a child on the path to greatness.

College Pre Genius

At College Prep Genius We teach students how to ace standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, PSAT and CLT. These are not IQ tests rather logic and critical thinking exams. Students can learn to answer questions in 30 seconds or less. We also guide families through the college process with ease.

Biblical Excavations

Biblical Excavations offers Biblical critical thinking courses for high school students. Beginning with Your Sabbath Invitation, which fuses critical thinking and Hebraic understanding to teach students to approach the Bible in a new way. Students will fall in love with the Scriptures anew as they begin to see and understand the Hebraic world behind the Word.

Literary Adventures for Kids

At Literary Adventures for Kids, we want your homeschool to be enchanting. Through the use of online book clubs, we help parents and students to dig deeper, go on rabbit trails, and add a little adventure, all while enjoying great literature.

Our courses are a full-language arts curriculum that has everything your student needs: grammar, spelling, vocabulary, rabbit trails, hands-on exploration, critical thinking, writing projects, and connections to literature.

Vibrant Home Life

At Vibrant Home Life we strive to empower Christian Homeschool families to cultivate a joyful and thriving home life through innovative resources, support, and community, reflecting God’s love and transforming families and communities for generations to come. Our vision is to see Christian Homeschool families thrive as they embrace the journey of homeschooling, cultivating a vibrant and joyful home life that reflects God's love and goodness. We believe that homeschooling is not just an educational choice, but a lifestyle that can transform families and communities for generations to come.

Flip Flop Spanish & Spanish Geniuses

Our Flip Flop Spanish early-learning, elementary, middle school, and high school curricula is consistently rated as the top homeschool Spanish curriculum by leading homeschool curriculum reviewers. Our products teach via person-to-person interaction (not person to screen) just like when we learn our first language naturally as babies. Flip Flop Spanish & Spanish Geniuses was created by a homeschooling mother of five children (only two left to graduate now!) simply because she couldn't find effective teaching and learning materials to use in her own classes and homeschool

Notgrass History

Looking for high-quality and fun history education for your children? Homeschooling your children is surprisingly easy with Notgrass History. Notgrass History helps children learn through engaging lessons, beautiful photos and illustrations, primary source documents, inspiring literature, and creative activities. Our curriculum works for your family, whether you are teaching one child or multiple ages together.

True North Homeschool

At True North Homeschool, we create educational opportunities that take families in the right direction. We offer small group, live online, dynamic and interactive 2nd-12th grade classes, Academic Coaching & Advising and Diagnostic Testing, as well as social media and free educational workshops and summits.


Fundafunda Academy offers interactive and engaging asynchronous classes in core classes and electives. The classes at FundaFunda Academy are designed to not only prepare students for college-level work but also demonstrate the practical applications of the material covered and its relevance to their daily lives.

Techie Homeschool Mom

Techie Homeschool Mom Online Unit Studies integrate multiple subjects for multiple ages of students. Students access websites and videos and complete digital projects. With Online Unit Studies’ easy-to-use E-course format, no additional books and print resources are needed. Just gather supplies for hands-on projects and register for online tools.

Music in Our Homeschool

Since most homeschool moms don't have the time or expertise to teach music in their homeschools, Music in Our Homeschool offers click-and-go, super easy-to-use music appreciation courses for all ages, so every homeschool mom can include music! Find Music Appreciation, Music History, Beginning Singing, Recorder, & Guitar, Hymn Study, Composer Study, 15-Minute Music Lessons, Musicals, Christmas, Music Theory, and a Membership! Take a look at the Free Preview lessons for each course.

With the Huddlestons

At With the Huddlestons you'll find a variety of resources, tools, and support for homeschooling, home life, large family traveling, and more.

Kristin Moon Science

As a scientist and veteran homeschool mom, I am committed to helping families provide an excellent science education to their kids from HOME! At Kristin Moon Science, I offer self-paced online courses, asynchronous and live online full-year classes, live online tutoring, and many free science resources.

Christian Family Reformation

Christian Family Reformation is dedicated to supporting and encouraging the Deuteronomy 6:6-7 lifestyle in Christian homeschooling families, featuring articles and resources on family-oriented subjects such as relationships, practical home life, and the blessings of homeschooling their children

The Mystery of History

The Mystery of History is a Chronological, Christian, Complete world history program for all ages. Written and narrated by Linda Lacour Hobar, this award-winning four-volume series (with audiobooks) offers interesting content and engaging curriculum to help families see "His" story from Creation to modern time.

Quantella Helps

Quantella Helps Specializing in business structure & start up assistance, she works with you to identify your mission, clarify your vision, and set measurable business goals, as well as, help you create or revamp your brand identity and properly structure your business to leverage business credit to take your business to the next level. As a part of her business coaching and consulting there is focus on children regarding their entrepreneurial and leadership development.